The goal-setting process is a crucial one to any organization, but it is often done in a hasty manner. Here is how you can set goals correctly, and have your team members buy in.

The typical corporate goal-setting process usually happens once a quarter, managers scramble to set goals, throw them into an HR system (often last minute, or late) and do not tend to look at them or keep them updated until the end of the quarter. …

The engineering team showcases their work in a demo to other stakeholders. Everyone else, including the product manager, tend not to showcase what they have been working on or talk about results achieved.

So you’re at a sprint review/demo, and you do a quick lap around the room asking the engineering team to demo what they have been working on, and each person can showcase what they have produced over throughout the sprint. Sometimes there are other stakeholders in the room, often product…

If you’re a product manager or product owner who uses Jira, then your inbox must be overflowing with unread messages. And it’s only going to get worse as your team grows and your workload increases. You can easily lose track of important tasks and projects that need to be completed each day and week.

How often do you find yourself single-handedly keeping track of keeping the team up to date on progress? One of the hardest things to do as a product manager is to keep track of what’s in the pipeline. …

What goes into a good update from a product team to be sent internally across an organization?

In my previous article ‘Why send a weekly update’, I covered how written updates allow for a more structured thought process, how you can share more information with a broader audience, and frees product leaders up from status update meetings, or better yet, makes them more efficient.

How do you craft a concise update for a given initiative?

If you are…

Find your quarterly rhythm to transform your product management skills

As we begin to re-imagine the workplace post-COVID-19 one of the areas I have been thinking about lately is how organizations and product leaders should be tracking and communicating progress towards outcomes.

While many are still operating in a remote environment, one of the most effective and powerful alignment methods…

Luke Grimstrup

Building to help product leaders better communicate progress towards business outcomes. Product Management Leader based in Melbourne, Australia.

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